The Cathedral Galaxy

The Universe

Cathedral Galaxy

Great Galactic Map

Civilizations span the Cathedral Galaxy; life, though sparse, is not uncommon. Many starfaring peoples inhabit the galaxy. Each of those species developed a rudimentary capability for superluminal travel within a single thousand-year period - a phenomenon that has intrigued the philosophers of the realms for generations.

With the advent of superluminal travel, each species soon discovered the network of Channels traversing the galaxy, allowing near-instantaeous travel from Channel Anchor to Channel Anchor. The giant artifacts spoke of a precursor civilization - but where are they now? Their ruins, gargantuan structures on planetary scales, float dead in the Burial Grounds or the Sea of Relics. The only unexplored portions of the galaxy seem uninhabitable: the vast Far Reaches, and the irradiated Cathedral at the galactic core...

More on the map and universe

Detailed regional maps and Game Master resources

Channel Gate Anchor

The Stories

Between Wrecks

A loner on a skiff, drifting through the Burial Grounds in search of ancient derelicts to salvage, reveals a secret of Galactic importance. This story serves as exposition for the Cathedral Galaxy universe. (Warning: this character curses a lot.)


A young researcher, scrambling for results, presents a controversial theory with startling implications. This story describes some of the history and workings of the Cathedral Galaxy.

In the Arena

A scene from the Coliseum, an ancient artifact where the criminals of the Imperium are altered and made to do battle as living spacecraft.

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